Faraz Gorgin Paveh

Faraz Gorgin Paveh

Hydrologist – Biogeochemist

Environmental Researcher | Human Activist

Short on me

Hi there!

This is my weblog. On this weblog, I provide my latest updates about my research. I also have a diary part that I write whatever comes to my mind. It can be my living experience or my socio-cultural believes. Maybe one day, I can write in other places, such as newspaper.

Right now, I am working on forests, lakes, and global warming as a Ph.D. student at Syracuse University. I am modeling the movements of CO2 and nutrients in forest ecosystems. Before here, I was a hydrologist, a water resources manager, and a hydraulician. I have changed my major several times to reach to a more expand major. Today, I am satisfied.

Also, I am very excited about writing in social issues, especially about Iran. I am an LGBTQ+ activist, and I try improving my writing here. By the way, I will probably use this weblog to upload my photos. Haven’t decided yet.

By the way, I always will be happy to talk, learn, meet, and share. Contact me when you like.

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